Embark on a Food & Drink Tour of Klamath County

Ready for a culinary adventure in Klamath Falls? You’ve come to the right place. This charming town in south-central Oregon has a thriving food and drink scene, with a wide range of restaurants offering everything from old-world bakeries to new-age breweries, local burger joints to exotic international cuisine.

Take a tour of Klamath County’s world-class food and drink scene. Photo by Kamrin Nielsen

Here, we’re taking a tour at 8 great restaurants in Klamath Falls that are worth a spot on your Klamath County bucket list, what makes them great, and a few can’t-miss dishes. Let’s get started!


The most important meal of the day has the most delicious of options in Klamath Falls. Here’s a few can’t-miss spots.

Nibbley’s Cafe

After winning Rand McNalley’s “Best of the Road” award—and countless rave reviews from customers on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Facebook—Nibbley’s has firmly established itself as one of the best breakfast joints in the area. Their “should be world-famous” buttermilk pancakes are truly delicious, as are their Hearty Oatcakes. And the Stuffed French Toast is a decadent delight, filled with orange marmalade cream cheese, and topped with bananas, pecans, and whipped cream.

Prefer savory over sweet? You’re in luck. There are dozens and dozens of omelet and scramble specials, ranging from the simple to the extravagant.

They also have a phenomenal pastry collection with giant cinnamon rolls, cakes and pies, cookies and more. In short, “when a nibble isn’t enough” head to Nibbley’s.

Green Blade Bakery

Green Blade Bakery is a family-run artisan bakery, specializing in naturally-leavened breads and mouthwatering pastries. For a quick grab-and-go breakfast, it doesn’t get much better. On the sweet side of things, Green Blade offers up a seriously showstopping selection of danishes, oat bran sticky buns, cream scones, chocolate croissants, and cinnamon streusel rolls. Snag a coffee and one of these.


Whether it’s a leisurely lunch while exploring downtown Klamath Falls, or a post-adventure pizza and pint after a morning of getting after it in Klamath County’s beautiful outdoors, there are dozens of delicious lunch options.

A Leap of Taste

Lunch at Leap is a lesson in flavor. Photo by Kamrin Nielsen

Want a bonafide “lunch’s lunch”? A Leap of Taste—known to locals as “Leap”—is a tried-and-true classic. With gourmet deli sammies, a variety of fresh salads, baked goods, unique grocery items, and truly great espresso and coffee, A Leap of Taste is a must for lovers of an old-school lunch. Many of the ingredients and foods are locally and sustainably sourced. The Turkey & Italian Salami is simple yet delicious. The Pizza Sandwich is a fun and flavorful hybrid between—well—a sandwich and pizza. Meanwhile, the Pickle Grilled is a truly unique house favorite, featuring pickle chips sandwiched between Asiago-covered bread and overflowing with havarti, cheddar, and lemon garlic aioli.

The Falls Taphouse


With 30+ local & regional brews on tap, you won’t go thirsty at The Falls. Photo by Kamrin Nielsen

The Falls Taphouse is worth a visit for a few reasons. First, the atmosphere is lively and inviting. Second, the beer selection is seriously impressive, with about 30+ local and regional brews on tap. But most importantly, the food from one of the food trucks at The Falls Taphouse is simply delicious. Some of the best dishes include the Smash Burger, the Pulled Pork sandwich, and of course the Loaded Fries, which come piled high with nacho cheese, cole slaw, BBQ beans, and your choice of protein. Overall, a visit to The Falls Taphouse is sure to be a tasty and enjoyable experience.

Mia & Pia’s Brewhouse

What’s not to love about Mia & Pia’s? They’ve got a rotating lineup of 13 beers on tap. A lovely outdoor patio perfect for warm weather hangouts. A lineup of seriously fun events including live music and trivia nights. And the pizza—just wow. Locally-sourced and crafted by hand, it’s no wonder Mia & Pia’s has been a staple for the Klamath Falls area for the last 30+ years.


At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than a good meal. For this and more, Klamath County delivers the goods.

Basin Martini Bar

The Chimichurri Tri Tip at Basin Martini Bar. Photo by Kamrin Nielsen

Looking for a chic, swanky dinner spot with award-winning cocktails? Basin Martini Bar serves up inventive, decadent eats and some of the best drinks in town. On the food front, the Seared Salmon, seasoned with pepper and smoked salt, is intensely delicious. The Veal Truffled Meatloaf is out of this world. And the Chimichurri Tri Tip is what the word “flavorful” was invented to describe. For drinks, the mixologists at Basin Martini Bar can do it all—and more. Obviously, the namesake martini is a time-tested standout.

Rodeos Pizza & Saladeria

Locally-owned and operated, regionally loved and lauded, Rodeos is a place where pizza and salad live in finger-licking harmony. Their dough is made from scratch and cold-proofed for two days to develop its excellent flavor and texture. Their red sauce is made from scratch, too—cooked down in small batches of whole-peeled tomatoes with herbs and spices. Their cheese, meanwhile, is whole-milk mozzarella, grated fresh daily with none of the anti-caking additives found on most pre-shredded cheese to be found anywhere.

Thai Orchid Cafe

The curries, noodles, and soups at Thai Orchid Cafe are to die for. Photo by Kamrin Nielsen

For over 20 years, Thai Orchid Cafe has been faithfully serving the Klamath Falls area an array of fresh, delicious, downright tastebud-exploding dishes. Come for the Thai classics like Pad Thai, stay for the soul-enriching curries, the Tom Kar soup, and the sneaky-delicious vegetarian options like Pad Pak—a stir-fry of cabbage, carrots, broccoli, green onion, and more. In short, Thai Orchid Cafe offers an exotic, health-conscious, and unforgettable dining experience.

If you’re looking for a memorable food and drink tour of Klamath County, this list truthfully only scratches the surface. There’s a true smorgasbord of award-winning offerings just waiting to be explored. Happy eating (and travels)!