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Arts & Culture

From our turn-of-the-20th-century downtown with its vintage restored theater, to nearby sites and museums exploring Native American culture and WWII, Klamath is a fascinating destination for history buffs and family explorers. Throughout the year, choose from cultural festivals, art exhibits, theater performances, sporting events and more. Check out our event calendar to view all of the events happening during your stay.


Enjoy the splendid Art Déco or Gothic Revival architecture of many of Klamath Falls’ historic buildings, or see history depicted in artistic murals. Several homes in the area are listed on the Historic National Registry, such as the Goeller House, built in 1905. Mr. J.F. Goeller, a carpenter and owner of a planing mill, adapted the design from a barber pattern book. The house is described as having the maximum conceivable decoration of Moorish confection. Certainly the house is one with distinctive Victorian attributes and lots of gingerbread. You can also see the Oregon Bank Building…One of the last buildings on the West Coast to still use elevator operators. The tour of downtown Klamath Falls can begin from either end of Main Street because there is a friendly anchor on each end . . . the Discover Klamath Visitor Center, 205 Riverside Dr. Suite B, at one end and the Klamath County Museum, 1451 Main St., on the other! Each have good parking and interesting history… and the Linkville Trolley stops at both during the summer. But if you really feel like walking it’s only one mile from one point to the other. A map can be picked up at the visitor center or available for download.