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Adventure Guide Find your Winter Adventure in Klamath

Embrace the Chill: Klamath’s Winter Call to Adventure Klamath’s winter is not merely a dip in temperature but a call to the wild-hearted and the spirited adventurers. As the snow blankets the landscape, it transforms…Read More

Understanding and Exploring the Modoc War

On November 29, 1872, a group of Modoc people—along with their leader Kintpuash—clashed with U.S. troops near the Lost River in southern Oregon. Lives were lost on both sides of the battle, and in the…Read More

Celebrating the Women-Owned Businesses of Klamath County

Since its founding as the 33rd state in 1859, Oregon has been home to countless strong, independent women who upend the status quo, blaze their own trails, and fight for what’s right. Abigail Scott Duniway,…Read More

Your Guide to the Crops and Farmers of the Klamath Basin

On your next trip to Klamath Falls, chances are good you’ll enjoy a meal at one of our local restaurants, drive past working farms en route to the likes of Crater Lake National Park, and…Read More

8 Best Restaurant Views Around Klamath County

Klamath County sits surrounded by plenty of breathtaking natural scenery. Crystal-clear lakes, snow-capped mountain peaks, alpine forests, bubbling streams, and manicured plots of farmland dot the wider region, offering epic views around every bend. Of…Read More